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Foreigner Real Estate Investment

  • Residential from $75,000 and up
  • Commercial from $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • No US Credit Score required
  • No Social Security Required
  • No Green Card Required
  • Up to 65% LTV, which means you will put down 35%
  • Will need to be here to sign paperwork
  • No income verifications at all
  • Rate is about 6.99% to 9.99%
  • 30 years fixed or 3 years adjustable, or 12 months interest only
  • No restrictions on which country you come from
  • Process take about 3-4 weeks to close
  • The investor/borrower needs to form a company in the US

  • Submit signed application
  • We will issue conditional loan approval with all the terms
  • Borrower may need to pay for appraisal. We can send you a link to submit request and make payment. For residential, fee is around $600 for residential and $2,000 for commercial property
  • Borrower then return proof of payment for appraisal and signed agreement
  • Deal will be in closing within 3-4 weeks. Down payment is about 35%. Have to deposit cash into us bank under their US account or US company account